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Brand: Techland
EditionBOX, Day One EditionPEGI - Player's agefrom 16 years oldLanguage versionEnglish, Polish - cinemaGame genreFantasy, FPP, RPG, Tactical, Turn-based strategyData carrierBlu-rayAdditional informationSingle-player modeSet contentsBox with Blu-Ray game..
9.99€ Maksudeta:9.99€
EditionBOXPEGI - Player's agefrom 18 years oldLanguage versionEnglish, Polish - cinemaGame genreAction, RPG, Science-fiction, TPPData carrierBlu-rayAdditional informationEnjoy great HDR images at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, Improved for Xbox One X, Single-player mode, Support for 4K Ultr..
10.99€ Maksudeta:10.99€
Brand: Paladone
TypeFor the gameApplicationNot applicableAge of playersFrom 6 yearsGame categoryCardGame timeNo dataMin_ number of players2 playersMax_ number of playersWithout limitsMain colorBlackMaterialNo dataWidth80 mmHeight140 mmDepth20 mmWeight160 g..
6.99€ Maksudeta:6.99€
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